List of City Councilmen

The City of Kansas City MO City Council are requesting to hear from  residents  in regard to the development at 104th Terrace and Wornall Rd. The proposal being voted on is

The condos at 104th Terrace and Wornall Rd. would be similar to this California property.

a 42-condominium residence. Please e-mail and/or phone ALL of the City Council members and the Mayor, to let them know how you feel about the proposed re-zoning and building of this project. All Council members will vote to approve or reject the project.

Mayor Pro Tem & 1st District-at-large Scott Wagner     816-513-6503
1st District  Heather Hall    816-513-6505
2nd District at-large  Teresa Loar       816-513-6507
2nd District   Dan Fowler          816-513-6509
3rd District at-large   Quinton Lucas       816-513-6511
3rd District    Jermaine Reed
4th District at-large   Katheryn Shields    816-513-6515
4th District  Jolie Justus    816-513-6517
5th District at-large Lee Barnes    816-513-6519
5th District  Alissia Canady   816-513-6521
6th District-at-large  Scott Taylor      816-513-6523
6th District   Kevin McManus   816-513-6525
Mayor  Sly James


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