Hip Hop Comes to the Southside

John Price, owner of Just One More, brings Rap Night to his restaurant Saturday night.

2016-01-24 05.32.17  Southsider John Price will be hosting monthly rap concerts at his bar Just One More. Photo by Kathy Feist.


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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Southsiders Present:

Hip Hop on the Southside

By Kathy Feist

They are called The Southsiders because that is where they are from.

John Price, his brother David Price and friend Ray Pierce (also known as Steddy P) all grew up in the “hood” here. They attended Martin City Elementary and Middle School and Rockhurst High School at different times.

Steddy P, 32, went on to make a name for himself as a rapper, touring the country and later starting his own label, IndieGround Entertainment, as well as a clothing line sold at The LoopKC in Westport.

John Price, 25, worked in the restaurant industry while performing rap and eventually opened his own restaurant/bar, Just One More at 13023 Holmes Rd.  He recently recorded his first album with vocalist Gina McFadden (daughter to jazz artist Lonnie McFadden).

David Price, 22, became a Kindergarten teacher at Troost Elementary.

But it was their love of rap music that eventually brought the three together to create the Southsiders.

2016-01-24 05.31.12
The targets will be covered and the room transformed into a performance area.

The Meet Up


Three years ago John Price approached Steddy P about becoming a rapper. “I said, ‘Hey, I’m trying to get started.’ And he hooked me up with the Record Bar,” recalls Price. “Since then we’ve been doing stuff together.”

The Southsiders host local rap concerts as well as educate fledgling rappers on how to be successful financially. “We are artists that get other artists to perform underneath us,” says Price. Aspiring rappers can join their private group on Facebook.

Starting Saturday, January 30, at 9 pm, The Southsiders will present their first monthly concert at Just One More.  It will be held the last Saturday of each month.

This month’s event is headlined by Price and followed by four other local hip hop artists: Joe Prince, Stoned Psycho Click, Malee Millenia, and Carnavor. Steddy P hosts the event with music by Scotty Wu.  Admission is $5 at the door or through the individual artists.

Each monthly concert will feature one headliner and four lesser known artists.

Since the closing of the Record Bar in Westport earlier this month, the hip hop scene will be in need of more venues. Price has stepped up to the plate by bringing it out south where live music is not a big part of the scene, alone the hip hop. But it will be a refreshing change.

Just One More

Price is a man to watch. He has learned a few things about running a business at a very young age. He has worked at The Daily Limit, RC’s, Bogey’s, Seasons 52 on the Plaza, and a few other restaurants. “I know all the regulars,” he says.

Price opened Just One More last year. He has put $50,000 into renovations and thrown lots of ideas out there to attract business. The ideas that have succeeded are the Dart Leagues and Blind Draw and his menu items.

Blind Draws are Sunday and Friday nights when players’ names are randomly paired up to compete in dart throwing contests. First place price is $300.

Dart leagues are held on Wednesday nights.

Just One More has also gained a reputation for its pizza. So much so that Price plans to put in a larger pizza oven in March and is considering delivery. His pizzas include a cheeseburger pizza complete with pickles and ketchup and mustard. His unique taco pizza includes chips on top.

Price says his pasta dishes are also a hit among regulars.

Just One More is located at the north end of the busy Yetta shopping strip, which includes The Sand Trap at the south end and Dos de Oros in the middle. Parking can get tricky. After all, the area is a hopping place. And at the north end, it will be hip hopping.




Friday, January 29

Allied Saints. Live music. The Daily Limit, 523 E. Red Bridge Rd. 8 pm.

Saturday, January 30

Peanut Butter Hampster. Children’s music group. Red Bridge Public Library. 11140 Locust St. 2 pm.

Bucket Band. Live music. Murray’s Tables + Taps, 12921 State Line Rd. 8 pm

Southsiders Present Rap Night Live ftr John Price, Joe Prince, Stoned Psycho Click, Malee Millenia, Carnavor. Live music. Just One More, 13023 Holmes Rd. 9 pm.

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