Banners From Area High School Students to Hang Along Grand Avenue

Four area schools produced winners of the Pan-American banner art competition. Those winners will be honored this weekend, but their banners will be displayed for years to come along Grand Avenue.

Center Art
Mayor Sly James poses with Center High School student Andres Nelson during a Pan-American banner art competition exhibit.  Nelson is one of many students who will have their banner artwork displayed along Grand Avenue.

Four Area Schools Produce Winners of Banner Art Contest

Four area schools submitted their students’ artwork to compete in the Grand Boulevard of Americas Banner Competition sponsored by the Pan-American Association of Kansas City. Blue Ribbon winners were announced soon after the students’ banners were exhibited at the Arts Tech building, 1522 Holmes during a First Fridays at the Crossroads event.

Students were asked to create banners representing different countries from the Americas. Two winners were chosen for each country. The Blue Ribbon winners will have their banners displayed along Grand Avenue in Kansas City for the next 5 to 10 years.

The winners from each participating school and their banners are:

Banner example
An example of how the banners will be displayed along Grand Avenue.


Center High School

CeCelia Ott – Barbados

Andreas Nelson – Brazil

Starlette Williams – Cuba


Barstow High School

Lynn Lin – Belize

Ruoling Xu – Canada

Lisa Maeda – Grenada

Notre Dame de Sion High School

Morgan Hickman – Brazil

Sammie Nesslein – Peru


Lutheran High School

Ryan Bias – Barbados

Heather Smith – Bolivia

Summer Bartalos – Costa Rica

Danielle Crowdis – Paraguay

Rebekah Hinrichs – St. Lucia


The winners will be honored at a reception held February 21 in the Corinthian Hall at the Kansas City Museum,    3218 Gladstone Blvd., where the banners will also be on exhibit.

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