Martin City Lady Leaders Raise Self-Esteem Among Middle Schoolers

Martin City Telegraph

2016-02-11 04.45.15 Pamela, a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader, leads the girls in discussion during a recent Martin City Lady Leaders meeting. Photo by Kathy Feist

Martin City Lady Leaders Build Self-Esteem Among Girls

By Kathy Feist

“How can you turn your can’ts into cans?” The Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader named Pamela asks a room full of middle school girls. A few hands go up with suggestions before Pamela launches into her own obstacles in becoming a cheerleader.

“Everyone told me I was nuts,” she recalls. “But it was something I wanted to do.”

Before long, Pamela is teaching the girls how they too can overcome negative feedback in order to reach their goals in life.

Pamela is just one of many speakers who promotes self-esteem to young members of the Martin City Lady Leaders. The organization, founded a year and a half ago, is designed to teach positive behavior and skills to…

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