Irish Sisters Sell Candy Potatoes

We honor the potato on St. Patrick’s Day. But these particular potatoes are a taste of sugar heaven.

Judy Intfen, Susie Martin and Barbara Chamblin are owners of Quigley’s Confectionery.


Irish Sisters Sell Candy Potatoes

Walk into Murray’s on St. Patrick’s Day and you will be warmly greeted by Irish sisters selling tiny potatoes, sprouts and all. It might be confusing as first, seeing potatoes so nicely gift wrapped. But then you receive a sample taste and the soft texture melts in your quigley potatoesmouth as a single taste of sugar heaven. You won’t soon forget the experience. Which is why you should buy a few on the way out.

Candy Irish Potatoes is a secret recipe devised by confection artist Josephine Quigley over 40 years ago. She passed it down to her granddaughters Barbara Chamblin, Susie Martin and Judy Intfen, and swore them never to divulge the recipe. They haven’t. But they sell the product through their online business Quigley Confectioneries.

This year the sisters have added Irish Soda bread to their list of products. You can purchase that or any of their confections at Murray’s Tables + Taps on March 13 and 17 or by placing an order online at


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