Skyboy: A Perfect View

While some of us might run for cover during a storm, Skyboy Dave Bayard runs to the top of his roof tower.

B2-bgThe view always changes. Photo courtesy David Bayard,

Skyboy: A Perfect View

By Kathy Feist

Dave Bayard has studied Eastern philosophy all his life. It is present in his furniture making business, Samurai Woodworks , in the design of the cabin he built nestled in the woods off Blue River Parkway, and most recently in his newest venture Skyboy Photos.

Since 1983, Bayard has been photographing the sky. Storms, rainbows, sunrises, sunsets, even the stars at night. He has collected the best of them and created calendars and greeting cards which are sold around town at various gift shops.

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Dave Bayard from atop his Thunder Tower. Photo by Kathy Feist

Bayard has a unique ability to capture the open sky. He takes pictures from a tower he built on top of his hilltop home. It is a clear, breathtaking view.


During this time of year, though, the sky can appear troubling. It can be unpredictable if not outright scary. Bayard says he is never afraid of the weather.  “Weathermen come on television to apologize for the weather,” he says.   “But I say ‘Thank you! THANK YOU! I like the rain. I like the storm,’” he laughs.

Photo by Dave Bayard,


Bayard has observed that the beautiful, unpredictable sky is a lot like life.

In his own life, he recalls setting five-year goals, believing life would be perfect once that goal was met. “I look back at those times ten or 20 years ago and I realize that when they were perfect or even when they were miserable, they were all pretty perfect as they were,” he says.

“Nothing is a permanent thing. Everything is always changing,” he muses.

He is reminded of the quote by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

“The minute you take your foot out and put it back in, the water is different,” he says. “It’s moved on.”

“It never ends.”

“What better example of that than the sky,” he says of the changing weather.

Photo by Dave Bayard,


Although Bayard laughs a lot, there is no question he is a deep thinker and voracious reader. All of that is reflected in his calendar which showcases his poetry, numerous literary quotes (season related), famous sky watcher birthdays, historic anniversaries and celestial notations.

Bayard’s greeting cards and calendars can be found at the Nelson-Atkins Museum gift shop, Webster House, Perfect Scents, Unity Church of Overland Park to name a few places. His work can also be viewed online at

Photo by Dave Bayard,





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