Grandview’s New Amphitheater Offers Live Music in Picturesque Setting

Martin City Telegraph

2016-05-29 14.41.29The newly built Grandview Amphitheater is an impressive architectural structure providing the surrounding community free, live music concerts. Photo by Kathy Feist.

Grandview Amphitheater Offers Live Music in Picturesque Setting

By Kathy Feist

Not too far from Martin City, off Hwy 150 and Byars Rd (immediately east of 71 Hwy), is a little area in Grandview appropriately called The View.

2016-05-29 14.25.27 Mary Brown enjoys mornings at Meadowmere Park’s community garden.

On one side of the road is Meadowmere Park, a picturesque setting with a community center, state of the art playground and covered picnic area, a community garden, and the end–or beginning–of the Blue River Trail.

Across the road, a spanking new concessions stand still smelling of fresh cedar greets visitor. And past that is a stunning looking amphitheater this side of Kansas City. It sits at the bottom of a tall, grassy knoll. Sidewalks circle the rustic iron and cedar structure…

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