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Janis Kliethermes, owner of Etiquette Kansas City, will talk at Third Thursday event in Martin City.


 Third Thursday Event Welcomes Etiquette Kansas City Owner

By Bonnie Mentel

Janis Kliethermes, owner of Etiquette Kansas City, will address the topic of etiquette at Martin City’s Third Thursday Event on Thursday, August 18. The free event will begin at 5 p.m., with the program following at 5:30.

Kliethermes created her business 9 years ago because she saw a need for manners in her daily interactions with people, including her daughters and their friends.

“I was really surprised by the things they did or didn’t do that I thought they should have known by then,” Kliethermes said.

She looked into finding an etiquette program for her daughters, but there weren’t any classes available at that time. She decided to become licensed herself and began teaching classes.

“I had always said that I was just teaching common sense, but it’s not common sense anymore. It’s uncommon sense.” – Janis Kliethermes

“The biggest surprise factor that I had was that I started off teaching children, thinking that’s where the need was. But, a couple of months into it, I started getting a lot of calls from universities and business and companies. I had always said that I was just teaching common sense, but it’s not common sense anymore, it’s uncommon sense,” she said.

Some of the businesses she has worked with include: Cerner, AMC, Ozark National Life, MetLife, Merrill Lynch, UMKC, KU Med Center, along with sororities, country clubs, private schools, and associations. She meets with Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups, as well, and can customize classes for certain situations.

“We’re a society right now where we go to all extremes to put our kids on the best sports teams and competitive teams. We want to make sure that they’re in the best AP classes. We’re so competitive in all these other areas, but it’s the things that I’m teaching that they’re going to need throughout the rest of their life to succeed and parents forget about that,” Kliethermes said.

She said that the kids who learned these skills are the ones who are succeeding after high school. But, it’s just as important for adults to be comfortable with these etiquette skills.

Her motto is, “People don’t know what they don’t know.” So, come learn something new on August 18 at the Martin City Event Space, 13440 Holmes, Kansas City from 5-6:30 p.m.

More information about Kliethermes can be found on her website, Call 816-977-6182 to book a session.


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