Author, Jeweler and Cyber Tech Expert Spoke at Third Thursday Event

Author and former political consultant Annie Presley spoke at Martin City’s Third Thursday event.


Hosts Katie Van Luchene and Kimberly Winter Stone listen as author and political consultant Annie Presley talks about her book “Read This…When I’m Dead.”

Author and former political consultant Annie Presley discussed her line of “Read This…” books and her political background during the Third Thursday Martin Speaks event at The Martin event center, 135th St. & Holmes Rd. on Thursday, October 20.

Presley chose to speak primarily about her books, “Read This…When I’m Dead,” “Read This…On Our Anniversary,” and the upcoming “Read This…On My Birthday.” She said she laughs when people tell her they plan to read her book. “Then I know they haven’t even opened my book,” she said. “Because there is nothing to read inside!” Presley’s books are a fill-in-the-blank series to designed to organize information and record life stories for future generations.  She co-authors the books with Christy Howard.

When asked by an audience member about publishing a book, she recommended the University of Missouri Press, which can print as few as five books. She also answered questions about her political background, which you can find in this Martin City Telegraph interview.

Also speaking at the event was jewelry designer Jennifer Janesko who brought Janesko jewelry for sale. She discussed how she was able to get her line sold at Hall’s Department Store as well as how she became interested in her career.

Finally, FishTech Labs Director of Enterprise Christopher Giem talked about cyber security.

Katie Van Luchene and Kimberly Winter Stern moderated the session in the style of a talk show. Appetizers and drinks were provided courtesy The Martin and the Martin City Brewery. Prizes were given away in raffles. Approximately 50 people attended.



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