Yoga Pants beerOn Tuesday, September 20, Martin City Brewing Company debuted its gluten-free beer, Yoga Pants, in a can.

“The beer is fantastic and I hope it gives our gluten free audience in KC a local choice,” says owner Matt Moore. “It has been on tap for quite some time, we have just gotten to the point where we are canning it and sending it out into the market.”

Moore says he was adamant about producing a gluten free beer. “A lot of our customers and audience are gluten free and have really wanted a gluten free option,” he says. I consume gluten regularly, but have challenged our brewers to be inclusive and figure out this gluten free dilemma. After a few trial runs, we have gotten to a pretty fine-tuned gluten free product. The working name was Operation: Yoga Pants, and I loved it enough to use it in the final marketing of the beer.”

The beer is brewed with millet in place of barley.

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  1. Good Morning,
    How do I order a case of Yoga Pants beer in Cleveland/Akron Ohio?
    Thank you in advance,
    Debbie (The Buckeye State)

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