Bowling Alley
Did you take pictures inside the former AMF Bowling Alley at Red Bridge? If so, Euston Hardware would like to hear from you.

The transformation of the former Red Bridge bowling alley into a Euston’s Hardware store is in full swing. The floors have been evened out and poured. And an outdoor patio has been created on the west side of the building for a garden center.

According to Kathy Euston, the hardware store will open in mid-January. While the construction crew is hard at it, Euston’s is needing participation from the community.

“We’re hoping to come up with ten or so old vintage pictures of the old Red Bridge, the old shopping center or the interior of the bowling alley,” she says. “If we can use the pictures donated, we’ll have them blown up and hanging in the store noting the donor.”

The hardware store is also now accepting applications for work. “We are looking for people to help us get the store open starting in mid-November and as staff once we finally open in January,” she says.

The positions open are: cashiers, sales, rental personnel and small engine repair.
If you have photos or are interested in applying for a job, contact Kathy at

A picture of the Glenwood Theater not so long ago.


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