Lichtenberg’s Is “Closing Forever”

Jack and Mary Lichtenberg look forward to retirement from the jewelry industry. Photo by Kathy Feist.

In 1992, Jack and Mary Lichtenberg opened Lichtenberg’s Fine Jewelry in in a small office space in a bank. Today, the couple is selling their inventory by as much as 70 percent in anticipation of closing forever by the new year.

Jack Lichtenberg started in the jewelry business in 1965 before heading off to fight in Vietnam. When he returned, he resumed working in the jewelry industry for the next 20 years. Mary owned a gourmet cheesecake retail and wholesale business. She gave that up when the two decided to open the jewelry store. They also raised three children.

About a year after opening in the bank location, the Lichtenberg’s moved their jewelry store to the Red Bridge Shopping Center where they became part of the community fabric for 12 years. In 2005, during an ice storm, they made their final move to Southmarket Shopping Center, 131st St. and State Line Rd.

Over the years, the Lichtenbergs have enjoyed meeting customers and sharing in their good and sometimes bad times. “A piece of jewelry in need of repair may have been the last gift they received,” said Mary.

They recall a time when they restored an old diamond ring for an elderly woman. “She said it looked too new, too beautiful, better than what she brought in,” said Jack. “She was brought to tears with joy.”

The two said they will miss the daily interactions with customers. But both feel it’s time to retire and enjoy life. “It’s a happy thing and it’s a sad thing,” said Mary.
Lichtenberg’s will be missed. We wish the Lichtenbergs the best!

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