Funding for Bannister Federal Complex Determined Friday

Current approved funding runs through December 9th. Congress must pass a resolution.

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Senate To Vote on Funding the Transfer of Bannister Federal Complex

By John Sharp

SharpJohnMissouri U.S. Senator Roy Blunt has requested that the continuing resolution to fund federal government operations now being considered by Congress include funding for the transfer of the vacant Bannister Federal Complex to a private redeveloper and subsequent demolition and cleanup of the site.

Currently approved funding for federal operations only runs through December 9, so prompt passage of a continuing resolution to fund the government is considered a near certainty.

Blunt sent his request to Senator Thad Cochran, chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and to Senator Barbara Mikulski, vice chair of the Committee.  He noted in his letter that both the Senate and House energy and water appropriation bills concurred with the President’s submitted budget to provide $200 million for the transfer, demolition and cleanup.

The Senate passed legislation approving the $200 million on May 12 by a vote of 90-8, but it was never approved by the full House.

“A delay in funding will halt progress and likely result in the project not being transferred and the government assuming over $700 million in cleanup costs,” Blunt said in his letter.

CenterPoint Properties is the designated redeveloper of the site and has stated after demolition and cleanup is complete it intends to redevelop the site by constructing about 1.8 million square feet of industrial and distribution facilities.  It also has stated there is a possibility of including commercial and retail facilities on the southwest corner of the site outside its flood wall.  The Marine Corps data center will remain at the site.

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