Councilman Taylor and Son Attend White House Holiday Reception

Awestruck 13-year-old Drake Taylor shares photos of the glitzy event.

This is a picture of my Dad and me in front of the 17-foot tall White House Christmas tree in the Blue Room. It touches the high ceiling. There are many Christmas trees in the White House but this one is special. There are 70,000 ornaments on all the Christmas trees throughout the White House. There were trees made out of crayons and pencils.



Councilman Taylor and Son Attend White House Holiday Reception

13-Year-Old Son Shares Event Through His Eyes

By Kathy Feist

Photos and photo narrative by Drake Taylor



That’s how 13-year-old Drake Taylor described his visit to a White House holiday reception with his dad Kansas City City Councilman Scott Taylor on December 7.

It was Scott Taylor’s second time the President and First Lady invited him to attend a holiday reception there. In 2012, he took his wife, former council member Cathy Jolly. This year he chose his son. “It was excellent,” the councilman said. “It was great to be able to take my son.”

The two were dazzled by a 150-lb. White House gingerbread house, the decorated Christmas tree and the dessert table. “Drake’s eyes just lit up,” says Taylor. “Every possible dessert item was there.”


This is a picture of me with the incredible 150 lb. White House gingerbread house. It had detailed rooms made of candy on the inside. It was incredible. It had a replica of the White House garden. This is in the State Dining Room where there was a lot of food and desserts.


Drake says he got very close to the Obamas. “ Their speeches were nice and funny,” he recalls.


This is a photo of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama after they spoke to us at the reception in the Grand Foyer of the White House.



White House Press Secretary and former South Kansas Citian Josh Earnest invited both to attend a daily press briefing with the national press in the West Wing. The briefing lasted an hour and 15 minutes. Taylor said he was impressed with the breadth of knowledge that the press secretary had to know to answer questions.

Taylor was also surprised to learn that Earnest grew up near 108th Street in the Red Bridge area. 


This is a photo of Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary for President Obama, my dad and me. He was kind to invite us to the West Wing for his daily press briefing/conference. We also had the opportunity to visit him in office (near the President’s Oval office). There were a lot of questions asked by newspaper and TV reporters about every subject facing the United States. He answered all questions very well. He is from South Kansas City.



The Taylors took a tour of the White House. “It was nice to see everything and know it has been there for generations,” said Drake, who pointed out that his dad gave him most of the tour information.


This is a selfie with my dad at the White House party.



When Drake returned to school he was able to show 262 photos taken with his cell phone to all his friends. “They were like, ‘What?! The President? Really?!’” he recalls.

Drake, who has no plans to go into politics, was nonetheless impressed with the trip. “I knew that it would be amazing,” he says. “But I didn’t know it would be as amazing as it was.”


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