Children Share their Letters to Santa

Children share their wish lists in our annual Letters to Santa.


Letters to Santa

Children submitted their Letters to Santa at the Red Bridge Mid-Continent Library. Here are their wish lists:



Puzzle. Cat Hat.

Ellie, 4


Dear Santa,

Baby Alive. Candy. Thank you.

Lola, Age 6


Dear Santa,

I want nothing.

Arana, Age 10


Dear St. Nick,

I hope you are well. I want Marvel Legos, and pajamas, and a surprise.


Walter Haugh


Dear Santa,

I want red magic Big Hasel Wand, Doc McStuffing Take Care of Me Lambie real toy, Prepad Shimmer and Shine Dolls.

Meagan Humphrey


Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing? I hope you are doing good. What I want for Christmas is clip-ons. Do you have any Mulan or Pocahontas?


Rose Haugh


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. How old are you? How many elves work for you? I hope that you will bring me the Lego sets I want. How many years have you been giving out toys?


Emmet Haugh


Dear Santa,

This what I want for Christmas. A Barbie kitchen with a Barbie chef. A 12 Shopkin pack. And a mini size Christmas tree for Barbie.

Tatiana Coreas. Age 5


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I really want a tablet and Pokemon cards and a Pokemon hand book. The last thing is that I want everyone to be happy.

Dukemaria Coreas-Ayiala. Age 8



Dear Santa,

How many reindeer do you have? Do you like DOGS or CATS move? What’s your favorite color? Are you tall? Did you go to school? How many cookies do you eat on Christmas Eve? If you went to school, did you like it? Do you get cold? Where do you/Mrs. Claus get groceries? Do you have any kids? Do you have any siblings?

Maria D.

Dear Santa,

This Christmas I would want to get a Iphone with a red phone case. I also want to get a packet of Pokemon cards with badges. My next thing I would want to get is one pair of shoes without laces. My last thing is one sweater that has a picture of Charmander, Bulbasaur, Pikachu and Squirtle.


Jason Estrella, Age 9


Dear Santa,

I want for Christmas is a silver Iphone 6S plus a large for Christmas. The second item I want is a game for the WiiU that is Mario Cart 8. The third item is Candy Canes normal flavor. The fourth item is Pokemon cards. The fifth item is a hat that says Smile More on it from Roman Atwood from his shop. The last is $50.


Jorge Estrella, Age 11



Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a laptop computer, a nutcracker, and room décor because I would like to redecorate my bedroom. My birthday is December 15 and I have gotten a couple of gift cards to Hobby Lobby and Target so more of those would be great!! Those would help me buy things for my room. I think I have been a really good girl this year. I have taken out the trash every week, cleaned my room, plus cleaned the 3 litter boxes! I always try to be a good girl and make the right decisions. I have been doing better in school too!

Thank you Santa!!


Sunny Shields, Age 9

P.S. I would also like anything gold, silver, or teal to decorate my bedroom.


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would love to get a NERF Rival Zeus 1000 gun, NERF stuff, a lot of NERF stuff!! A gaming chair, and a gaming monitor for my computer. Magic cards called, “The Gathering”. They sell them at Spanky’s Card Shop on Holmes. I would also like some LED lights to put around my computer. Some bedroom posters…Call of Duty, Battlefield One or Magic. “The Gathering” would be really nice too. I think I have been doing well at not breaking rules, and obeying my parents. I feed and brush our 3 cats, plus give them fresh water each morning.

Thank you, Santa.


Lindsay  Shields

P.S. I’m a boy!!







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