Red Bridge Shopping Center is now a neighborhood showpiece. Photo courtesy

Red Bridge Shopping Center Nears Completion

It came at a time to be grateful. And no one is more grateful for the completed renovations at the Red Bridge Shopping Center than the community that worked so hard over to see it.

Red Bridge Shopping Center is now a neighborhood showpiece. Photo courtesy

A New Tenant and Many Changes for Businesses

By Kathy Feist

It came at a time to be grateful. And no one is more grateful for the completed renovations at the Red Bridge Shopping Center than the community that worked so hard over to see it.

“What Lane4 has done has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality,” says Larry Marsh, who helped initiate a grassroots campaign to revive the dying shopping center. “They have done an outstanding job.”

Lane4 Property Group announced November 18 that construction at the center was “winding down.”

“Most of the exterior is done,” Lane4 Vice President Brandon Buckley told the Martin City Telegraph. He says they will continue to add more store fronts, windows, and Spring landscaping.

“We’ve paid attention to details,” he says. “It’s been fun going over there and seeing it grow into fruition. We have really enjoyed the process. Now we have something to show [potential tenants].”

Buckley says Lane4 is gaining interest from possible tenants. “We have been approached with concepts we would never imagine!”

“We are sending one of our best therapists to the area,” said SERC regional director Scott Harnden of physical therapist Emily Parrish.

SERC Physical & Hand Therapy
Lane4 announced their newest tenant SERC Physical & Hand Therapy, which will be located at the southwest end of the shopping center, next to the Christian Science Reading Room. The Tennessee-based company has 40 locations in Kansas and Missouri.

SERC offers physical and occupational therapy for orthopedic injuries, such as “sprains and strains” or post surgeries such as rotator cuff operations. SERC also specializes in hand injuries.

Regional Director and Occupational Therapist Scott Harnden says they chose the Red Bridge Shopping Center because of the location. “We don’t have clinics in South Kansas City,” he said, pointing out that the closest was in Overland Park, KS.

“It seemed like the time was right,” he said. “This area is being revived. The complex is looking good. There are more people moving into the area.”

Harnden says he is excited about the Red Bridge clinic. “We are sending one of the best therapists to the area,” he enthuses. “Emily Parrish has all kinds of credentials.”

Harnden says SERC will move open to the public January 9.

Sofi Cucina Italiana Restaurant

With one addition comes the loss of another. Sofi Cucina Italiana Restaurant has pulled out of its commitment due to its company’s inner restructuring. It was planned to be located at the former drug store on the northwest corner. Lane4 and the restaurant’s parent company, Back Napkin Restaurant Group, are still working together on a different concept for the center.

Euston Hardware is set to open in mid-January. Photo by Kathy Feist

Euston Hardware

In no time, the western end of the former bowling alley is going to be a full-fledged Euston Hardware store. This will be the fourth store for Kevin and Kathy Euston. The Red Bridge store will be twice the size as the Prairie Village one. A new fenced in patio on the west side will serve as a lawn and garden center for trees and flowers. At the time of this writing, walls are being painted, shelves and fixtures are arriving, interviews for help are being conducted and merchandise will arrive next week (the first week of December). “So far my husband doesn’t think we’ve lost our minds,” laughs Kathy Euston. The store will open in the middle of January. “We are looking forward to some beautiful snow,” says Kathy, who will have the right supplies for the occasion.

Salon Aspen

Toni’s Red Bridge Beauty Salon, long a staple to the Red Bridge Shopping Center, is rebranding with a name change. The name comes from owner Toni Parker‘s granddaughter, Aspen. The salon hopes to expand its customer base to include the younger age group.

A panoramic view of Blue Bicycle’s  extended weight room. Photo by Kathy Feist.

Blue Bicycle Fitness

The amount of space that Blue Bicycle Fitness will obtain is jaw-dropping. Twice the size. But at a glance through the open back wall, it looks like the little fitness center will soon become a giant. Lane4 has completed the majority of its job opening up walls into the adjoining space. Now owner Janet Schmidt must make sure the area passes regulations. She will soon be purchasing rubber matting for the floor and painting walls. When done, which they hope to be in time for New Years’ resolutions, the former little Bene-fit Fitness Center will be a 12,000 square feet gym that could.

Red Bridge Mid-Continent Library

With the passage of Proposition L in the last election, the Red Bridge Mid-Continent Library will receive long overdue exterior and interior updates. Lane4 does not own the library building but has given the library the go ahead with the original plans which do not necessarily match the design of the shopping center.

“When we contacted them about the building style, they said ‘Just do what’s best for you,’” recalls Jim Staley, Community Relations and Planning Director with the Mid-Continent Libraries. “Lane4 has been a really good partner for us during this process.” The Mid-Continent library system has 35 libraries, all about to undergo changes of some kind.

In addition to the exterior renovation, Staley says there will be a closed meeting space, doing away with the curtained space. He also says plans are underway to have smaller enclosed meeting areas for such things as tutoring or interviews, which have proven popular at other libraries.

A public meeting will be held during the first half of 2017.

Lipari’s Sun Fresh

The area’s only grocery store is awaiting negotiations with Lane4. For the moment it is on hold while Lane4 focuses on the larger portion of the shopping center. In the meantime, owner George Lipari has put in new lighting and some new merchandise racks. He is in the process of getting bids for refrigeration and construction. Lipari looks forward to the updates. “They’ve done it first class,” he says of the renovation.

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