The Red Bridge Area Plan

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Proposals for Red Bridge Area Plan

By John Sharp

SharpJohnThe proposed Red Bridge Area Plan that will serve as a guide for future land use and zoning decisions as well as for public infrastructure improvements is scheduled to be considered by the City Plan Commission on February 7.

The plan will cover the area from State Line Road on the west to the U.S. 71/I-49 corridor on the east, and from Blue Ridge Blvd. and the northern Grandview city Limits on the south to 85th St. and the Trolley Track Trail on the north.

It will replace the South Development Area Plan that covered the bulk of the area and was adopted in 1970 and two more recent plans that covered small parts of the area.

Three public meetings and surveys of area residents and businesses were utilized by city staff to get public input as the plan was developed over the past several months. One final meeting of a 29-member steering committee of area stakeholders will be held at 4 p.m. Thursday, February 2, at Holmeswood Baptist Church, 9700 Holmes, to go over the latest draft of the plan before it is submitted to the Plan Commission for approval. Final approval will be up to the City Council.

The plan envisions the creation of a Red Bridge Area Plan Implementation Committee made up of representatives of area neighborhoods, businesses, institutions and community development organizations to oversee and advocate for its implementation.

Persons may go online at to see the latest draft of the plan.

The vision statement for the plan states, “The Red Bridge Area is a desirable family-friendly community. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the many recreational opportunities and vast green space anchored by the national historic trail identity. Commercial areas serve the wants and needs of the neighborhoods, employment centers, and institutions that call Red Bridge home.”

The six goals of the plan are to:

  • Maintain regional access and improve the local transportation network to accommodate all users.
  • Reinvest in and maintain established neighborhoods and character while developing housing options that meet emerging needs and desires.
  • Capitalize on nearby regional employment centers to spur quality new development/redevelopment.
  • Support and invest in the existing commercial areas.
  • Utilize the nationally recognized historic trails system and other existing recreational areas to increase recreation opportunities and access to green space.
  • Establish a brand/identity for the area.

The plan designates six opportunity areas for redevelopment:

  • The south side of Bannister Road from Holmes to Lydia.
  • The northeast corner of Bannister Road and Troost outside the flood wall at the old Bannister Federal Complex.
  • From 89th St. to 90th St. on both sides of Wornall Road.
  • North and south of 103rd St. from State Line Road to Indian Creek.
  • Both sides of Red Bridge Road from Grandview Road to I-49.
  • Two areas north of Martha Truman Road in the Kernoodle Lakes area between Blue River Road and Grandview Road.

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