No one has as many bolts and fasteners as Red Bridge’s Euston Hardware, including the Waldo store where Kevin Euston poses for the camera. Photo by Kathy Feist.

By Kathy Feist

“Apparently we have more bolts than anyone else in Kansas City,” says Kathy Euston, who along with husband Kevin, will be opening Euston Hardware on Monday, January 23, at the Red Bridge Shopping Center.

After a brief discussion with Kevin, Kathy corrects herself. “Sorry. We have more fasteners/bolts than just about anybody else in Kansas City,” she laughs.

The Eustons, who own three other hardware stores in the metropolitan area, have been working overtime lately, transforming the former bowling alley into a full scale hardware store.

“The Red Bridge store is twice the size as the Prairie Village store,” Kathy says of the 15,000 square foot space. “We carry a wider assortment of everything.”


The 15,000 square foot Red Bridge store is twice the size of the one in Prairie Village. Photo by Bill Rankin.


Eustons will carry everything from building materials to housewares to dog food and candles. At the moment they have plenty of winter items. A garden center on the west end will open in the Spring. This location will also rent out equipment.

“But the best thing we have here are the people we hired,” says Kathy. “We’ve hired lots of great people from the area.”

The Eustons have hired 20 employees so far, many who have already been busy at work filling shelves with merchandise, including the wide variety of bolts and fasteners. They plan to hire more later.

This is not the first time the Eustons have had a store at the Red Bridge Shopping Center. A branch operated at the southwest corner of the center from 1985 to 1997. Both have ties to the area: Kathy was raised in the neighborhood and Kevin would often go to the bowling alley with his father.

Both are excited to be back. “We feel good about our decision,” says Kathy.

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