Jess & Jim’s Makes Two National Lists in Less than a Month

It’s a safe bet, Jess & Jim’s is the best steakhouse to take a loved one to this week.


The 10-oz. strip steak at Jess & Jim’s “packs big flavor” says USA Today.


Jess & Jim’s Makes Two National Lists in Less than a Month

By Kathy Feist

USA Today and the culinary website and newsletter Tasting Table both named Jess & Jim’s, 517 E. 135th St.,  in two different lists regarding steakhouses.

According to a January 30th edition of USA Today, “While almost every city has a steakhouse of some sort, even if it’s Outback or Longhorn franchise, you are better off eating at one with some real history.” The article went on to name Martin City’s Jess & Jim’s Steakhouse as one of “America’s Most Historic Steakhouses.”

“Thousands of restaurants come and go every year across America,” the article starts off, “but the steak house remains stubbornly popular and steadfast.”  Jess & Jim’s was founded in 1938.

The article especially noted the prime rib which is hand cut daily.

Others named in the article were Delmonico’s in New York, which is the oldest steakhouse in the country, Golden Steer in Las Vegas, Chicago’s Gene & Georgetti, and Buckhorn Exchange in Denver among others.

In a February 10 post, listed the best steakhouse in each state in “The United Steaks of America.” In Missouri, there is only one: Jess & Jim’s.

“As far as steak-obsessed cities go, KC is undoubtedly one of the country’s heaviest hitters,” the article states, “so any local chophouse worth its salt has to bring its A game to the plate. And with more than 75 years in the business, a plethora of national nods and a menu of locally raised, prime-aged beef, Jess & Jim’s is batting 1000.”

Congratulations to Jess & Jim’s.




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