Grass Fire at Martin City Post Office

The National Weather Service had issued a Red Flag Warning for fire conditions today. Any outdoor burning is discouraged.

Postal clerks attend to the fire with water-filled trash baskets and a fire extinguisher.

Grass Fire at Martin City Post Office Proves Weather Advisory Correct

By Kathy Feist

Grass caught fire at the Martin City Post Office, 135th & Wornall, during the noon hour today. A customer immediately notified postal clerks who doused the fire with trash containers full of water and a fire extinguisher. The fire moved quickly. However, within five to ten minutes, it was contained. grass-fire-staff

No firemen were called. However, it did not take much detective work to decipher how the fire started. An accumulation of cigarette butts and dried leaves along the curb provided clues.

The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for fire conditions in the area today.  “Abnormally dry conditions and cured fuels combined with well above normal temperatures, strong and gusty winds and low humidity values will lead to critical fire weather conditions this afternoon,” the issue read. Outdoor burning is strongly discouraged. The red flag warning remains in effect until 6 p.m.


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