The Women’s March at Washington Park in Kansas  City was part of a nationwide movement.



“Today I Stand”

Women’s March on Washington in Kansas City

By David McDaniel

Senior Pastor, Holmeswood Baptist Church

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, I stood in Washington Square Park alongside my sisters and brothers and participated in the Women’s March on Washington in Kansas City.  While I stood, I reflected on why I was there.  I, a Caucasian, male, Baptist pastor, stood to lift my voice and declare with others that we as a people are not going back in time.  This is why I stood.  This is why I still stand.legalize-empathy

Today, I stand.  

Today, I stand in solidarity.


Today, I stand in solidarity with my:

  •  Wife who enters a patient’s room and it is assumed she is the nurse instead of the physician.
  •  Mom who never received equal pay for her work as a clergywoman as compared to her male clergy colleagues.
  •   Possible future daughter who will enter into a world in which her country’s leader boasts of his freedom to commit sexual assault.
  •   Sisters who are pressured to marry by a certain age and then place their careers on hold in order to raise a family.
  •   Grandmother, who taught my father, who taught me that all household chores are gender neutral.
  •   Lesbian and Transgender sisters who are bullied out of their rental homes.
  •   Islamic practicers who are fearful to openly live into their faith.
  •   Immigrant dwellers who seek a home in the land that proclaims, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”   
  •   Fellow mourners who justly and painstakingly terminated a pregnancy but are ridiculed for their empathetic decision.

Today I stand in solidarity with all who have been told they are less-than, unworthy, despicable.

Today I stand in solidarity with all who have been sexually, verbally, and physically abused.

Today I stand because I refuse to sit.  

I refuse to passively breathe life into inequality.

Today I stand for all my sisters in this diverse family.

Today I stand in solidarity.

Today I stand.

womens-marchDavid McDaniel, (far left) is Senior Pastor of Holmeswood Baptist Church, 9700 Holmes Rd. Here he stands next to his wife and family members.


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