UPS Access Point
For those who like to keep their packages safe or a secret, the UPS lockers are a welcomed convenience.

UPS is making it easier and safer to pick up packages. On April 12, UPS Access Point lockers were installed outside the Phillips 66 convenience store located at Holmes and Red Bridge roads.

The UPS Access Point™ lockers are alternate delivery locations that are accessible 24 hours a day at convenience stores and other locations. The one in Red Bridge is only one of 300 in the nation.

When a delivery driver is unable to make a delivery, he can leave a delivery notice indicating when the package will be available for pickup at the lockers. All that’s needed to pick up the package at the locker is the UPS InfoNotice® alert or tracking number and a valid photo identification card. The process can take less time than a transaction at an ATM.

The recipient need only scan the notice over the monitor screen, insert his photo id into an ATM-like machine, and sign his name on the monitor. The locker will then pop open. (To watch an instructional video, go to

Barcodes can even be downloaded onto a smart phone for UPS My Choice members. This enables them to go directly to the locker without going home first.

As more consumers purchase products on the web, the lockers prove to be a valuable service. Retailers can even provide the locker location as a shipping option on their websites.

UPS My Choice members who choose a UPS Access Point locker can also receive a barcode on their smartphone for even faster pickup.

For those who like to keep their packages safe or a surprise, the lockers come as a welcomed convenience in the community.

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