The Great Escape Quest, Grandview’s Escape Room

Scores for each escape room are kept track on a large chalkboard at the Great Escape Quest in downtown Grandview. Participants must solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape from a room. Photo by Nicolette Vescovi.

Bonnie Mentel

The Great Escape Quest is Grandview’s latest entertainment attraction. There are four themed rooms that offer 60 minutes of puzzles, riddles, and clues that must be solved in order for participants to complete a mission and escape from the room before the time runs out. The four rooms offered at The Great Escape Quest are “The Oval Office”, “The Laboratory”, “The Holy Grail”, and “The Slaughter House.”

Escape rooms are popping up around the nation, including Kansas City, as more people discover how entertaining it is to work on a team-building activity with a mission. The Great Escape Quest is located at 1502 Main St.  in Grandview. 

“We’ve based our rooms off of movie genres,” says owner Sommari Muwwakkil. “We have the Oval Office, which is our introduction room. Each one of the rooms can hold 8 people. You would go into that room and pretend to be a tourist at the White House when it was overtaken by militants. You guys are trying to find the nuclear disarmament code. You have to answer real American history questions, riddles and puzzles to do that.”

In the Laboratory, participants act as scientists who are racing against time to find a cure that will save the human race from a deployed biological weapon which has turned survivors into zombies. This room is more difficult than the Oval Office. Scientists must use their knowledge of math and science to solve the puzzles.

The Holy Grail room is outfitted to resemble a 16th century church. Participants take on the role of archeologists who are searching for one of the most sought after artifacts known to man. They need to find it before the keepers of the artifact return.

“Our most difficult room is The Slaughter House. In that room, you’re pretending to live in a post-apocalyptic world where some humans have become cannibals and hunt down other humans for food. You start out in a room chained to a wall – you’ve been captured and you’re trying to escape before they come back,” says Muwwakkil.

This last room is very popular around Halloween and the website says that this challenge is not for the squeamish or faint-hearted and that the slaughter house is your nightmare come to reality. If you don’t want to be dinner, than you need to escape within the 60 minutes.

Don’t worry. If you need a hint, they are already there. Instead of an organic experience where a moderator is listening and watching your every move, the hints are built into the game. If the group decides to use a hint, their time is docked three minutes.

Escape rooms are a great team building activity. Call for information about corporate pricing.

“We are also launching an event space, where we deal with some of our corporate accounts like Cerner and Black & Veatch. We have an event space for birthday parties where it can be catered. We provide tables and chairs and tablecloths,” said Muwwakkil.

To book an experience, call 816-844-9030 or book online at The price is $22.00 per person. When you book a group of 8, the rate is $145.00.

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