Tonight a 9/11 ceremony will memorialize first responders

A 9/11 Memorial Ceremony will honor first responders tonight at 6 p.m. at Mount Olivet Cemetery, 76th & Blue Ridge Blvd.

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Unity Despite Tragedy: South KC Remembers 9/11

By Paul Edelman

A 9/11 First Responders Memorial ceremony will be held at Mount Olivet Cemetery, 7601 Blue Ridge Blvd., on Monday September 11th at 6 p.m. This ceremony will be the first of a newfound tradition.

In coordination with Muehlebach Funeral Care, Passantino Brothers Funeral Home, and The Catholic Cemeteries of KC-St. Joseph, the local districts of American Legion, the VFW, DAV, and Amvets have begun this new tradition to memorialize the tragedies that happened 16 years ago.

All are welcome to attend the event. Survivors and first responders will be present.

Steve Pierce, President  Muehlebach Funeral Care and ceremony organizer, said the idea to organize a ceremony around the 9/11 memorial had been tossed around for years.   Together, the many forces behind the project will combine to both somberly remember the devastation of that day, but also celebrate the motivational heroism of the first responders and civilians who were forced to react swiftly and bravely to the sudden surprise attack.  

The event will host a variety of speakers. The  new KCPD Police Chief Rick Smith, Kansas City Fire Department Chief Paul Berardi, and Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner are expected in attendance. The  survivors and first responders will also have a voice .   Pierce says it’s import to memorialize 9/11. “We should continue to honor those who lost their lives in such a tragic event, and their memory,” he said.   

Pierce and all those involved in the event encourage anyone interested in a solemn remembrance of those lives lost and proud recognition of the valor shown that day to attend the ceremony. Whether one knows a loved one lost in the event, or is simply curious to hear the harrowing tales and appreciating speeches regarding the actions taken by ordinary Americans thrust into an unexpected and impromptu fight of survival and rescue, the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony will respect a memory that unites Americans.  


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