Is your cookie dough gone before it hits the oven? Then you will adore KC Cookie Dough Madness

Double Chocolate Chip, Monster Munch, Brownie Love and Funfetti are just a few of the flavors offered at the new shop.

cookie dough madness scoop.JPG
Owner Naomi Ross scoops out her homemade cookie dough at KC Cookie Dough Madness, 9928 Holmes Rd.  

Mad for Cookie Dough

By Jill Draper

On Aug. 25, with church members, family, friends and a few politicians alongside her, Naomi Ross held a ribbon cutting at her new store, “Cookie Dough Madness.” The business is located at 9928 Holmes Rd. in the Gomer’s Corner shopping center and is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4-9 p.m.

The dough is sold in small scoops like ice cream, but according to Ross, it tastes better. “It’s not as cold, but it’s really rich. Double chocolate chip is my best-seller,” she says. She makes six other flavors that include ingredients such as Reese’s pieces and chunks of peanut butter cups (Peanut Butter Craze); M&Ms, oatmeal and chocolate chips (Monster Munch); brownie dough with fudge swirls (Brownie Love); sugar cookie bits, strawberry frosting swirls and animal crackers (Frosted Sugar Sweet Dunkaroo); sprinkles, white chocolate chips and vanilla frosting (Funfetti Cake Batter); and red velvet cake batter dough with buttercream swirl (Funfetti Cake Batter).What they don’t include is eggs—something that’s best not eaten raw.

Ross  has decorated the space that used to house a Subway sandwich shop with pink lightbulbs, polka dot stickers on the walls and a scattering of ice cream parlor-style tables. In addition to cookie dough, which starts at $4 for a single scoop, she also sells bottled water, white or chocolate milk and iced coffee.

She makes her cookie dough fresh every day that she is open, so sometimes she does sell out of particular flavors. She suggests that customers check her Facebook page for an update on what’s available.

cookie dough ribbon cutting.JPG
Ribbon Cutting at Cookie Dough Madness. The South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and City Councilman Kevin McManus participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony of KC Cookie Dough Madness, 99th & Holmes, on Friday, August 25. The edible cookie dough has become a sensation in the area. (See story page 6.) Photo by Jill Draper.


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