Some businesses still in need of help after flood, turn to Go Fund Me

Businesses such as the Red Bridge Winding River Pet Village are rebuilding after the flood. But they still need help.

Winding River becky walker
Becky Walker, co-owner of Red Bridge Winding River Pet Village, plans to rebuild the outdoor kennels that were destroyed by the recent flood. They are seeking help through 


Flood victims seek help through Go Fund Me

Many businesses flooded for the second time on August 22 turned to for help. Some, fed up with their location, were seeking funds to move. Once the disaster receded, those  Go Fund Me pages dropped from view.

Some, though, have started Go Fund Me pages in order to rebuild.

One is the Red Bridge Winding River Pet Village off Blue Ridge Blvd. and Holmes Rd. The Blue River crested its banks and destroyed the petting zoo and doggie play yard. No animals were harmed. The business owners along with friends and neighbors began rebuilding the property. The outdoor kennels, which were also destroyed, will be torn down and replaced. They are trying to reach a $25,000 goal on They are currently at $225.

Another victim, the Yepez family, who were trapped on top of their roof during flooding at their home near 155th & Kenneth Rd. also have a Go Fund Me page. The family of seven lost everything. Their goal of $30,000 is almost met.


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