Trailside Center celebrates new parking lot with burial of time capsule

This morning at 10 a.m., time goes underground at museum that celebrates the past.


Trailside Center celebrates new parking lot with burial of time capsule

By Kathy Feist

Photo by Bill Rankin

For years, the location  was known as Patrikio’s, a Mexican restaurant firmly planted in the Holmeswood neighborhood. Today, it is a freshly manicured parking lot for the Trailside Center, a museum and meeting place tucked behind the fire station at 99th & Holmes. Today, it will also become the center of attention as a ribbon cutting for this much needed space accompanies the burial of a time capsule.

At 10 a.m., city officials will celebrate with a ribbon cutting and time capsule burial with refreshments from surrounding businesses, and a show of classic cars in the parking lot. The public is invited.

Councilman Scott Taylor, who oversaw the project, says the time capsule idea was a natural for the Trailside Center. “I basically decided as we were doing the expansion of the Trailside Center, that it just made a lot of sense to not only have the ribbon cutting for the parking lot but to do a small time capsule. With all the historic interest that the Trailside Center generates,  with all the lectures and meetings,  it was perfect opportunity. ”

Taylor appointed a citizens committee to gather materials for the time capsule. They requested materials from the community that addressed the past, present and future. Everything from newspapers to children’s letters to old school alumni material will be stuffed into the capsule to be opened in 2067, 50 years from now.

“They’ve done a great job pulling this all together,” says Taylor. “I just want to thank them.”

The ceremony will be held at 9901 Holmes at 10 a.m. Friday.



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