Avila cuts tuition by 33%, students react

“It doesn’t really cost that much to deliver a college education. We’re calling it ‘truer education,'” says marketing coordinator James Wright.


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At Avila’s new coffee shop, Chijioke Eguzo expressed concerns that the cut in tuition means a cut in his football scholarship.


Avila announces 33% tuition reduction

Current students not so thrilled

By Kathy Feist

At one time, receiving a scholarship to a college was reserved for those with high achievements. Nowadays, universities and colleges hand out scholarships like they were coupons. A $30,000 a year tuition is reduced to $20,000.

“We decided “Hey, let’s be one of the first in the nation to reverse that trend,” says James Wright, marketing coordinator for Avila University. “Let’s take the confusion away. ‘What it is, is what it is.”

On September 5, Avila announced a 33 percent reduction in tuition starting 2018-19. The published tuition price will be $19,900. A far jump from the average $30,000 price tag seen at most private universities.

“It doesn’t really cost that much to deliver a college education,” says Wright. “We’re calling it ‘truer education.’”

While many incoming college freshmen will be excited to see a private university with a low tuition, students at the university who are used to a scholarship program were less than thrilled.

“Once they lowered everything–once they did the math–it was just $200 less,” said Brendon Harper, a freshman from Houston, TX. The University promises at least $200 in additional savings for existing students.

“But it’s also good, because some people don’t have to take out as many loans,” said Harper.

Chijioke Eguzo, a sophomore from Austin, TX, on a football scholarship, differs. “The fact that they’ve reduced my scholarship, means I will have to find more financing,” he says.

Darren Roubinek emphasizes that there are still scholarships available.  “Our top academic scholarship is for $10,000. Catholic High School graduates receive a minimum of $5,000 in scholarships and there are still performance, mission, and Avila grants available, as well as athletic scholarships.”

There are four initiatives or Promises designed to give students a more affordable path to their futures. Those include: 1) the Lower Tuition Pricing; 2) Guaranteed Graduation in Four Years; 3) Guaranteed Internship/Research Experience and 4) a monetary Travel Award.

“ Not only are we lowering our tuition rate and moving to a new tuition model, we’re also going to protect our students’ tuition from unexpected hikes,” said University President Ron Slepitza, Ph.D., CSJA. “We believe that you should expect to graduate in four years, on time, on-budget and be prepared to make a real difference in the world. That’s what a great university like Avila delivers.”

Students will know the exact amount they can expect to pay for each year of their degree program. In addition, Avila’s tuition pricing now includes the cost of books and campus fees.

In addition to reducing tuition, the Avila promises students that if they do their part, they can expect to graduate in four years. Slopitza says course plans will be set up for the students. If the student stays on course, but still must commit to five years because of a mistake on the University’s part, such as a dropped class, the student will get that course for free the following semester.  

The Avila Promise includes a Guaranteed Internship or Research Experience, which means every Avila undergraduate student, in every major, will be engaged in an internship or research project, helping them earn valuable real-world experience in their area of focus.

The final cornerstone – the Travel Award – focuses on inspiring students to gain a broader perspective. Beginning in their junior year, students are eligible to apply for up to a $1,000 Travel Award – financial support to help students get experience at the national and international level. The Travel Award can be used toward international travel programs, or to support travel within the United States for research and other approved experiences.

For more information on Avila University’s new truer tuition pricing model and the four cornerstones of the Avila Promise, visit www.Avila.edu/Promise.

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