Bingo! Villa Ventura exceeds fundraising goal for Alzheimer’s Association

Villa Ventura is doing its part to help the Senior Star retirement communities reach a half million dollar goal.

Villa Ventura bingo
Villa Ventura’s spaghetti and bingo nights helped raise money for Alzheimer’s Associations.

Villa Ventura Surpasses Fundraising Goal for Alzheimer’s

By Kathy Feist

It’s long been the passion of twin brothers Bill and Bob Thomas, co-founders of Senior Star senior living facilities, to change the world by ending Alzheimer’s. Every year, each of their 12 facilities helps to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

This year, the Senior Star corporation has raised $557,000, close to its goal of $583,500 by the end of October. Its south Kansas City facility, Villa Ventura at 120th & Wornall, has done its part to contribute to the pot. Villa Ventura has held  spaghetti and chili dinners partnered with bingo games, special appearances of Star Wars characters, a Lego room with spectacular miniature buildings a five-course meal benefit and participation in the Alzheimer’s Walk. Even the basket of candy sold at the front desk helps raise money for the cause.

Tom Inderhees, executive director of Villa Ventura, is pleased to announce that they have raised $18,678 to date, having exceeded their goal of $18,401 set a year ago.  And there are still two more fundraisers to come before the end of the goal date: a $5 all-you-can-eat chili dinner and bingo game on October 12 and a poker night on October 18.

So what happens when October ends? “We start all over again,” says Inderhees. Already a Holiday Bazaar is planned for November 8 to get them started toward next year’s goal.


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