Ribbon Cutting for Avila Coffee Shop

An election day coffee shop ribbon cutting at Avila might be a nice treat for voters in the area.

Beak and BeanAvila University acquires new coffee shop

A new coffee shop under construction at Avila University will be open to the public. The shop is scheduled to be open by late August and will serve locally owned and brewed Mother Earth Coffee, pastries and hot breakfast sandwiches on a choice of fresh-baked focaccia, croissants or biscuits. A variety of light lunch items also will be sold.
The shop will be located in a corner of Marian Center, the university’s student center and dining hall at 11901 Wornall Rd. It is being built and operated by Great Western Dining, which manages the food service there.Beak and Bean mother earth
 Mother Earth is a Kansas City company that offers sustainable coffee from high-quality, organic sources including small family farms. In addition to brewed coffee, the shop will feature lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, mochas, macchiatos and iced coffee as well as tea and hot chocolate.
This article was originally published August 8 and updated November 7.

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