You…Only Better relocates to higher ground

Laurie Black moved her business You…Only Better to the Red Bridge Office Building across from the Red Bridge Shopping Center. Photo by Jessica Albina.

By Kathy Feist

Fed up with minor nuisances, Laurie Black closed her door to her business one fateful night in late July, and thought to herself “I’m so done with this place.”  The next morning, her business was flooded, a total loss.

Black’s aesthetic/weight loss business You…Only Better was located at 600 W. 103 St. It was the first round of flooding that destroyed it, the one that her nearby neighbor Coach’s gained media attention when its owners had to be rescued from the flooded property.

With no insurance and the property shut down as the landlords wait for the City to come through with a property buy out proposal, Black was forced to look for a new location.

She chose the second floor of a Red Bridge office building.

You…Only Better has relocated to 400 E. Red Bridge Rd., Suite 205, in the Red Bridge Office Building. The building is home to many dentists, chiropractors and insurance businesses. Her move has allowed her to expand from 4 rooms to 7 rooms.

You…Only Better specializes in colonic hydrotherapy, endermologie lipo massage, HCG weight loss pills, B12 and Lipoplex injections to help detox and restore a client’s life.

Primarily she is sought after for her colonics.

“People love it,” says Black, who likes to emphasize that it’s not just for the rich and famous. “People tell me it changes their lives.”

The client receiving colonic hydrotherapy is placed in a softly lit private room with soothing music and given a warm water enema.  Colonig hydrotherapy flushes out fluid and waste. The whole process is clean, odorless and lasts 45 minutes.

Black says clients claim they have been cured of anything from  acne to Lymes disease to chronic constipation, back aches, tiredness, hangovers and more with colonics. “I’ve had people tell me that colonics literally saved their lives,” she says.  

You…Only Better also offers endermologie lipo massage which incorporates a machine with mechanical rollers for a deep tissue massage. The FDA approved system tightens the skin and gets rid of cellulite and lifts sagging skin.

You…Only Better at one time was located in Lenexa, KS. But to continue selling the pregnancy hormone HCG Black had to operate out of  Missouri. She is still one of the few people who sells the weight loss pill. HCG tricks the body into thinking it needs to release 2000 calories of stored fat to the fetus. Black claims someone taking the hormone can lose up to 20 to 30 lbs in a month.

Black also provides B12 shots, lipoplex injections both of which increase energy and burn fat as well as sudatonic wraps, which burn calories through sweat.

Various detox packages are available.

Black is a registered nurse and most will be surprised to learn, a mother to a 29-year-old son. She is a walking example of the success of the products she provides.

For more information, contact 816-942-3311 or visit their website at

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