First Baptist hosts Drive-Thru Living Nativity

Photo by Walter Chávez.

By Brad Lucht

First Baptist Church in Red Bridge, 100 W. Red Bridge Rd.,  is hosting a drive-through living nativity Saturday, December 9, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  This is their fourth year hosting the event.

Visitors will be able to see volunteers in authentic costumes portraying Roman Centurions taking the census in Bethlehem, early Joseph and Mary, angels and shepherds.  Live sheep, goats and an African cow will add to the authenticity of the scenes.  A display of the Holy Family will conclude the display.  

Every year something new is added to the display.  This year animated lights will form a star on the side of the building; the angels will be found standing below the star.

Pastor Steve Jones explains what motivates the church to create the living nativity.

“Everybody assumes today’s family is telling the story; many are not.  A lot of children don’t know the story, one filled with filled with wonder, light and joy.”

Attendees should use the Wornall entrance.  There you will be given a CD that contains narration of the Christmas story, along with songs performed by the church choir.  Hundreds of luminaries will mark the route.

For more information, contact Glenda Huckabey by phone at 816.942.1866 or by email at

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