Free Goodies for Law Enforcement on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

To honor those who put their lives on the line keeping our communities safe,  McDonald’s will be providing free breakfast to officers in uniform on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Jan. 9.

 Marco Polo’s Italian Market, located inside Jasper’s Restaurant, launches a month of “Serving Those Who Serve” on Monday, January 8.  Kansas City-area police officers are invited to have a meal on the house during their shift, including Marco Polo’s signature sausages, sandwiches and pasta.
Chef Jasper Mirabile Jr. recalls the familiar relationship his father, Jasper Sr., owner of Jasper’s, fostered with police for decades in the Waldo neighborhood where the iconic restaurant was first located.
“The police officers were part of our restaurant family,” Mirabile recalls.  “Their presence kept the entire community safe and my father was always supportive of them and valued that relationship.  We have the same appreciation for the South Patrol Division that has served Jasper’s Restaurant and Marco Polo’s Italian Market since we moved to Watts Mill in 1997.”
Mirabile reflects on 2017, a year that brought historic flooding to the area and the fatal shooting of beloved restaurateur, Coach’s owner Mike Darby, on the popular trails winding through the business district.
“The Kansas City police officers were remarkable last summer when area business not only experienced devastating floods but also lost a good friend and colleague,” he says. “They supported us every step of the way. It’s important to Team Jasper that we reinforce our gratitude for the police. I know my father would’ve done the same. After all, this is Kansas City—a place known for its Midwest hospitality.”

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