Bring a large appetite when you eat at Jerry’s Cafe

Pancakes big enough for a carry out pizza box. Cinnamon rolls bigger than the plate. Welcome to Jerry’s Cafe in South KC.

Jerry's Cafe roll & Pancake 3
Portions are big at Jerry’s Cafe. Owner Nick DeFeo holds a giant cinnamon roll and his favorite item, French toast. Photo by Kathy Feist.

Jerry’s Cafe: Serving Huge Portions in a Small Space

By Brad Lucht

Talking about places to have breakfast in South Kansas City inevitably turns to Jerry’s Café in the Watts Mill Shopping Center

Nick DeFeo took over Jerry’s Café from previous owner Jerry Naster in June of 2015 and has kept most of the original staff.

“They’re all good people,” explained DeFeo.  “They know what they’re doing.

I’d like to keep them around for as long as I have the place.”

DeFeo also kept all the recipes from the original owner.

“What really gets the customers are the hand-shredded hash browns; they’re the best in the world.”

Also a customer favorite is the “Big Job,” a breakfast monstrosity suitable for those with the largest of appetites.

“The Big Job is kind of like the whole kitchen on a plate,” DeFeo laughed.  “It’s two slices of toast with sausage patties on top, hash browns on top of that, two eggs, however you like them, two slices American cheese, and then it gets smothered in sausage gravy.”

Still have room?  Jerry’s has giant cinnamon rolls as well.

Jerry's Cafe French Toast
DeFeo prepares the French toast. 

DeFeo’s personal favorite is the French toast.  “It’s the best I’ve ever had,” he exclaimed.

Occasional breakfast specials might include Eggs Benedict, breakfast burritos or a cinnamon roll bread pudding.

“Everything is good.  It’s just depends on what you’re in the mood for,” DeFeo adds.  “You can’t go wrong with one item on our menu.”

Aside from the food, DeFeo’s favorite part of owning the restaurant is his interaction with the customers.

“I always ask people if they’ve ever been here before, because I want to make sure everybody gets a great experience with great service,” he said, adding, “I get pleasure out of making people happy, making them full, serving them great food.”

Jerry’s Café is open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.

“We serve breakfast all day.  We serve lunch all day.  If you want lunch for breakfast you can have it.  If you want a cheeseburger we’ll make it at 6 a.m.,” DeFeo said, laughing.  “If we got it we’ll cook it for you; we’re there to please.

DeFeo offers these final thoughts to Telegraph readers.

“If they have never been to Jerry’s, they need to come check us out.  We strive on satisfying our customers with huge portions of great food at a great price.

“They will not be disappointed.”

Jerry’s Cafe is located at 1209 W 103rd St in the Watt’s Mill Shopping Center.


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