RC’s: The Gravy Whisperer

The biscuits and gravy at RC’s are owner David VanNoy’s own secret recipe. Photo by Kathy Feist.

Owner David VanNoy says the recipes on RC’s breakfast menu come from family, friends and staff. But the highly proclaimed biscuits and gravy (called OMG! B&G on the menu) are his own.

“When our families were younger, we used to all live on the same property,” he says of his siblings and their families. “I used to make breakfast up on the hill and all the family would come eat at my house. We’d always have biscuits and gravy. It was my recipe. My biscuits and gravy.”

“I’m a gravy whisperer!” he laughs.

RC’s began serving breakfast in 2012. Over time the menu has evolved to include chicken and waffles, chicken fried steak and eggs, breakfast sliders, Belgian waffles, loaded oatmeal and large fruit parfaits.

With the addition of breakfast, RCs became practically a round-the-clock restaurant, opening at 6 a.m. and closing at 3 a.m. seven days a week.

In March, the restaurant had to close its doors for four days. VanNoy says he experienced peace during that time. He says he consulted with family, customers and his minister about closing one day a week. “My minister put it over the top for me,” he says. “He said [closing] shows that I trusted God to take care of me. It’s Biblical to take a day of rest.”

Since then, RCs has been closed on Mondays. “It’s been a blessing in my life,” he says, listing all the things he now achieves on Mondays. “In the VanNoy family, there’s just no quit,” he says.

RC’s is located at 330 E 135th St in Martin City.  They are open for breakfast Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., and offer an early bird special until 9 a,m. on weekdays.

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