Wrap yourself in a good mystery book for the library’s reading challenge

The library’s current Mystery Book reading challenge provides a good reason to cozy up to book on a cold winter day.

Shelf of Suspects, MCPL’s Adult Winter Reading Challenge

By Zoë Dunning

This winter, ditch the ice skates in this record low weather! Instead, cozy up by the fire and crack open some of the books that have long been gathering dust.  Mid-Continent Public Library’s Adult Winter Reading Challenge runs from January 15 through March 15. Unlike the Summer Reading Program, which is geared towards kids, this challenge is exclusively for adults (18+). To register, you can apply online at www.mymcpl.org/books-movies-music/winter-reading or in person at any MCPL branch.

To complete the program, read 5 books and log them either by completing the online log on their website or by filling out the log in the back of the Winter Reading Challenge booklet, which is available at any MCPL location. The library chooses a different genre each year. This year’s theme is mystery and appropriately titled “Shelf of Suspects.” However, any five books you read and log within those two months are acceptable, regardless of genre. You can find interactive activities and recommended book lists, such as “Classic Mysteries”, “Golden Age Mysteries”, and “True Crime”–on their website.


“The challenge is about getting conversations started with adults about books and encouraging them to read more,” says Steven Bellah, Assistant Branch Manager at Red Bridge MCPL. Once you finish the challenge, you can earn prizes. Everyone receives a specially-created Shelter of Suspects mug and is entered into the Grand Prize Drawing for Breakout KC tickets for 8 people. The runner-up drawing is tickets for 2 people. 


“All 31 branches are doing the program, and many have book groups,” Steven says. “Blue Ridge has a mystery group called “Whodunits?” that meets the first Thursday of each month. My branch, Red Bridge, has one that meets the first Saturday and third Thursday. Everyone is welcome to come!”

Whether you are already an avid reader who regularly scours pages for clues or a novice investigator wanting to ingest a little literature into your life this winter, join the MCPL Adult Winter Reading Challenge now. It would truly be a crime if you didn’t participate, as you have no legitimate alibi. Visit www.mymcpl.org or inquire at one of the branch locations for more details.


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