Artist’s exhibit is about color and line, with the exception of one piece

Jose Faus’ exhibit at the Thornhill Gallery at Avila University runs through March 21.

Thornhill Gallery FausJose Faus’ “The Garden of Earthly Delights” is part of his exhibit at the Thornhill Gallery at Avila.

Muralist Jose Faus showcases studio work at Thornhill Gallery

The works of artist Jose Faus will be on display at Avila’s Thornhill Gallery, 11901 Wornall Rd, from February 23 to March 21. The exhibit, called Mis Antecedentes, will have an opening reception Friday, February 23, from 5-7 p.m.

Faus is best known for his murals that appear in Kansas City, Mexico and most recently Bolivia. However this exhibit showcases his studio work.

Jose faus
Recent events have inspired Faus artistically. Here he prepares to read his poem about a gun show he attended soon after the school shooting in Florida.


“The show is about color and line,” says Faus. “It’s about where the idea comes from and how it comes about.”

At least that was the plan when the show was booked last fall. Since then, Faus has been agitated with current events and says he cannot help but include one piece that makes a statement.

“The piece I’m doing is a more direct response on the shootings that have just happened,” he says. “It doesn’t relate [to the exhibit], but I need to make a statement on this stuff. It’s a real raw piece.”

The image, he says, is like looking through the barrel of a gun at the gun sight. “I want people to think before pulling the trigger,” he says.

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