United Believers Community Church and Holmeswood Baptist unite for Maundy Thursday services

The act of unity is an effort to erase the racial divide in the community.


Pastors David McDaniels and Darron Edwards are addressing racial divide this Easter season by joining congregations on Maundy Thursday.


Holmeswood Baptist and United Believers Community churches unite on Maundy Thursday

By Travis Reames

Two local congregations, one predominantly Caucasian and the other predominantly African American, will come together for worship on Maundy Thursday, March 29th.

Holmeswood Baptist Church, 9700 Holmes Rd., and United Believers Community Baptist Church, 5600 E. 112th Terr., will celebrate racial unity through common worship. It is a means of “bridging the racial divide within our Kansas City community and in national life,” says Holmeswood Pastor David McDaniels. The 6:30 p.m. service will be led by members of both congregations and communion will be offered as a unifying celebration of the service.

According to McDaniel, he and Pastor Darron Edwards of United Believers have been in conversation for some time about how to address the racial divide. The congregations have decided to move forward.. This year the service is being hosted by Holmeswood Baptist. Next year United Believers will host the combined worship service as the churches approach the Easter season.

The pastors expect 250 members from the two congregations will participate. Congregants will be encouraged to remain for a time of fellowship over coffee and desserts after the service. While the service is specifically for members of the two churches, anyone in the community is welcome to attend.


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