Mrs. Johnson County holds clothing drive at Avila

Who is this Mrs. Johnson County and what is she doing at Avila’s Career Fair?

Mrs. Johnson County
Mrs. Johnson County Priscilla Subramaniyam is suddenly on the scene everywhere (here riding in the Martin City St. Patrick’s Parade.) Who is this woman and what does she stand for?

Mrs. Johnson County holds clothing drive for vets at Avila Career Fair

By Kathy Feist

Lately Mrs. Johnson County Priscilla Subramaniyan has been seen in the Martin City parade and the Red Bridge Shopping Center ribbon cuttings. And on April 12 she will be seen at a veterans clothing drive she is organizing during Avila University’s Career Fair.   She will be collecting gently used career clothing such as blazers, button-down shirts and ties at Athletic Pavilion. 

So who is this Mrs. Johnson County and what is she doing in Jackson County?

Mrs. Johnson County Kansas 2018 is also a marketing manager in Avila University’s Department of Marketing and Communication. The 34-year-old mom graduated from Avila in 2013 with a Masters in Business Administration. Subramaniyam has been appearing at community events in the area for awhile now. But in January 2018, when she was given the title of Mrs. Johnson County, she decided to don the sash to draw attention to community events as well as her own cause.

“The title is whatever you make of it,” says Subramaniyam. “You are encouraged to have a platform. For me, it’s a great way to get in the community and connect with others.”

Subramaniyan, who was born on Veteran’s Day, chose a platform to help veterans with the not-for-profit inVEsT. InVEsT assists veterans transition into their post-military career by providing support, professional assistance and networking.

“I feel like we don’t pay it forward for our veterans enough,” she says. “They make the highest sacrifice and this is my way of saying thanks.”

Only a few days after Subramaniyam’s career clothing drive at Avila, the beauty queen will compete for the Mrs. Kansas title to be held at the Overland Park Convention Center on April 15. But she is more than prepared. The California native has been competing in beauty pageants since she was 10  years old. She was a fourth runner up in a crowded Miss California Teen beauty pageant.

In the meantime she will push her causes at both sides of the state line. (There is no Mrs. Jackson County by the way.)

“I may live in Kansas, but I work and play in Missouri,” she says. “I don’t think we should pick sides. We’re neighbors!”

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