Did Martin City get hit by a tornado Wednesday night?

Wednesday’s storm left a piece of Martin City in tatters. What was the cause?

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The fruit and vegetable stand at Blue Ridge Blvd and Holmes Rd. sustained damage from high winds a second year in a row. Photo by Paul Henry Rojas

Martin City recovers from high winds

By Kathy Feist

Hammers pounded. Saws buzzed. and people picked up pieces. The storm that raged through south Kansas City on Wednesday night also did a number on residences and businesses located near Blue Ridge Blvd and Holmes Rd.

“This is the second year in a row for us,” said Louis Everett, manager of the fruit and vegetable stand at Blue Ridge Blvd. and Holmes Rd. The mangled tents and poles were being replaced with new ones on Thursday afternoon. The produce remained unharmed by the winds, according to Paul Henry Rojos who also manages the stand.

“For awhile there we were in the business of selling QuikTrip ice cream,” joked Rojos, referring to a sign that had blown into their property from the convenience store.


At Blue Ridge Blvd. and Locust St. an old evergreen tree was uprooted. Around the corner, near Locust and 131st St. numerous large limbs were dispersed on the ground in no particular fashion. Similar damage was seen at 132 and McGee at residences in the area.

Although a tornado was reported touching down at the Leawood Country Club at Blue Ridge Blvd and State Line Rd, data did not seem to indicate the tornado barreled through to Holmes Rd, according to meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill. Instead, it was more likely a result of straight line winds recorded at around 80 mph, they said.

Another storm moved through the area on Thursday night. While loud, it left little impact on the area.








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