The Wild Dogs of Martin City Part II: Rescued

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Barlow and Norwell on their way to Iowa.

Martin City Dogs Rescued

By Kathy Feist

[April 4]  Many readers have requested a follow up on the story about the Three Wild Dogs of Martin City published in the February 6 issue of the Martin City Telegraph. The dogs, which had been running wild in Martin City for many years, were picked up by animal control in January. Many businesses and residents in the area reacted with shock and sadness. Others with relief.

During their stay at the KC Pet Project the dogs had a difficult time adapting. Due to policy, they could not be adopted out until they were comfortable around people.

According to Tori Fugate, Director of Marketing and Development at the KC Pet Project, the dogs have warmed up to humans enough to be rescued.

Now somewhat tamed by KC Pet Project volunteers, Barlow and Norwell are headed to a new home in Iowa. Photos by KC Pet Project.

“I’m so pleased to report that we found a rescue group who is taking Barlow and Norwell into their program,” she wrote on Friday, March 30. “The boys actually just left today! They’re heading to Iowa to continue with their behavior work and hopefully find placement with a family there. In exchange, we’re helping the same group by bringing 10-15 of their cats into our program since they are full with kitties. We’re so happy that the boys found placement and wish them luck on their journey!”

The third dog, known as Sweet Pea or Lizzie, is being taken care of locally.

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Stay tuned for the continuing saga of The Three Wild Dogs of Martin City.  Part III of Wild Dogs of Martin City: Reunited, or Lizzie’s Story


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  1. Thank you for the update on these 3. I live in Martin City and am a bit of a night owl. I would often see them running down my street (Locust). I got used to seeing them. Nice to know they are being well cared for, though a bit sad the 3 couldn’t stay together. 🐾🐾🐾

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