‘Tis the Season to Think Snow, as in Tropical Sno

Tropcial Sno has moved around the corner in Martin City.

Tropical Sno has moved from the car wash near 135th and Holmes Rd. to a lot near the post office off Wornall and 135th St. Photo by Bill Rankin.

Tropical Sno Opens at New Location

By Kathy Feist

While Tropical Sno may not have live music, it does have recorded music that pipes through an outdoor loudspeaker system. You might hear Frank Sinatra or you might hear The Kinks. Either way, it creates a pleasant environment to sit at the adjoining picnic tables and enjoy a multi-flavored snow cone.

Tropical Sno recently moved from its previous post in front of the car wash at 13416 Holmes Rd, to 200 E 135 St. near the post office. While the move took place April 6, the opening has been a long time coming. “We’re just waiting for KCP&L to hook us up,” owner Seth Golay would repeat often to customers. On Thursday, May 10th, that moment came. And the customers soon followed. “We were busy all day Sunday,” says Jason Kralicek, a partner in the business with Golay.

Golay and Kralicek have owned the Martin City location since 2011 and have since opened a second in the Waldo district. Both men, who have backgrounds in theater, like to keep the business creative. They encourage creativity with their customers as well when it comes to flavor combinations. A current favorite is called the the Large Marge, made with raspberry, grape and cherry flavorings and named after a regular customer. Another is Leanne Limes.

Tropical Sno’s summer hours are 1 to 10 pm Monday thru Friday and noon to 10 pm on Saturday and Sunday which begin May 18. Until them, the hours are 2 to 9 pm.

Golay says the move was made in anticipation of the widening of Holmes Rd. which would have encroached on the old location. Now, Martin City visitors have within walking distance a choice of beer, wine or snow cones in an outdoor setting.

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