Newly remodeled apartments available for those needing assisted living

Serenity Care (recently purchased by Centers Health Care) has opened remodeled units at its residential care facility. Some are having fun taking advantage of the new opportunity.

Lindeman apt
Kayla Lindeman has artfully decorated her apartment at Serenity Residential Health Care.

Residential healthcare facility opens apartment units

By Kathy Feist

UPDATE: As of June 1, Serenity Care has been purchased by New York-based Centers Health Care. Serenity Care is now known as Kansas City Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare. This article appeared in the May 29 issue.  

Serenity Care Group has begun opening newly updated units at its residential healthcare apartment complex nestled west of its rehab facility on Blue Ridge Blvd. and Wornall Rd.

“We’re our own little island back here,” says Director of Admissions Patricia Myler.  

Serenity Residential Healthcare Facility is nestled behind its sister rehab facility on Blue Ridge Blvd. and Wornall Rd.

Under previous ownership, the facility had become more like a deserted island. When Serenity Care Group purchased Brook Chateau in May of 2017, only 12 residents were living in the 134-unit complex. They have slowly begun updating the apartment units one by one. “We want to update where the people are living first, then work on the common area,” says Tammy Dowd, Director of Public Relations for Serenity Care. The number of residents has nearly doubled since opening the first apartments in January. 

Tammy Dowd and Patricia Myler showcase a model unit. 

  The apartments have new carpet and linoleum, a full-sized refrigerator, new bathroom and kitchen faucets, and new grab bars in both the shower and toilet area. Cabinetry has been replaced where needed.

The apartment stay includes three meals and snacks, free utilities, cable, laundry and transportation. Activities and outings are shared with residents at the rehab facility. A nurses station is onsite.

A residential healthcare facility is for individuals who need assisted living.

Kayla Lindeman, age 59, recently moved into the apartment complex after a three-year stay at Serenity’s adjacent rehab facility.. “It feels like I have a home for the first time in three years,” she says. Lindeman had lost one of her legs to a staph infection.

But the loss of a limb has done nothing toward her penchant for style. A self-described “ZuLily addict,” Lindeman has decorated her apartment with unique finds from the online discount store. “I tell people my apartment complex doesn’t look anything like my room,” she truthfully reports. In fact, walking through the beat up hallway and into her spanking new apartment is a magical moment. Ambient  lighting from a variety of unique light fixtures adorn the entire unit. Photos of family artfully decorate the walls as well as unique finds including a coin-operated phone. Her shower curtain boldly sports a design of giant sunglasses and ruby lips. Her towel colors match. In her bedroom is the family bed, which originated in Germany and has passed down through four generations.

Lindeman, who was formerly in financing (but should now consider decorating!), says she chose to stay with Serenity. “The people up here are really nice. The nurses are nice,” she says. “I love it.”

Bill Morton, a former basketball player, enjoys the serene environment of the property. 

Another resident, 66-year-old Bill Morton, agrees. The 6’7” former basketball player drafted by the Detroit Pistons in the mid 70s, needed a controlled environment for his diabetes. He moved into the apartments in January after sharing a room with other patients at a different long-term facility.. “I like my privacy,” he says. “I wanted my own apartment.”

He also likes the serene environment, pointing out the creek behind the complex, the trees, chirping birds and the neighboring Blue Hills Country Club golf course. “It’s a peaceful fit,” he says.

There are currently several rooms available at the apartment complex. Staff are available to work with the budgets or applicable Medicare/Medicaid programs. For more information, call Patricia Myler at 816-942-6705. .   


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