Jackson County Legislator 3rd District at Large: Miller runs to stop Charter Amendment, Gough to improve jail

Jackson County Legislator 3rd District at Large Race

By Kathy Feist

Tony Miller (1).png

Tony Miller

Tony Miller, age 42, is a former prosecutor, business owner and civic activist.  He is the current Jackson County 3rd District at Large representative and hales from Lee’s Summit.  Miller believes in accountability to the taxpayer, building a new jail, fostering economic development and improving public safety with drug treatment programs. He is against weakening the executive office with the Charter Amendments and states is is one of the biggest reasons he is running for reelection.

Roberta Gough (1)

Roberta Gough

Roberta Gough, 81, (formerly Robert but is not transgender nor gay) is a computer scientist who has been active with helping families, children, and incarcerated individuals cope with the trauma of arrest and incarceration, find a new direction, and move forward with their lives. Gough advocates change in the Jackson County Detention Center, believing overcrowding  forces the release of violent criminals.


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