U.S. Republican Congressional Race: Turk talks taxes, term limits; Cambers cuts education, immigration

Three Republican candidates vie for the chance to take on Emmanuel Cleaver for the 5th District Congressional race in November

U.S. Congressional Race 5th District on Republican Ballot

By Mike Smith

Three candidates vie for the chance to take on Emmanuel Cleaver for the 5th District Congressional race in November. Jacob Turk, Kress Cambers and Richonda Oaks are running for the Republican nomination to oppose Rep. Cleavers reelection.

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Jacob Turk

Jacob Turk received 38% of the vote in 2016 and ran against Mike Cerpoit in the special election last November to fill Will Kraus seat in the State Senate. Turk is a Lee’s Summit business owner, Marine veteran and has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from U.M.K.C. Turk  is married with three children. Jacob is a pro life Christian who supports tax cuts, border security, strong military, term limits, 2nd Amendment and repeal/replacement of Obamacare.

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Kress Cambers

Kress Cambers is new to politics. A machinist and member of the local 778, he works at the Lake City plant for Orbital ATK. The 35 year old is married with three children.

He is a pro life Christian who believes government should not fund abortion. He supports tax cuts, the 2nd Amendment, repeal/replacement of Obamacare, return of education to local control and elimination of Common Core. He supports police and ICE and building a border wall.

Right to Life

Cambers says his core Christian values line up with the Republican Party such as; the right to life, always putting God First, and limiting our government.


Cambers would like to lower taxes. “These tax cuts are doing great things for my family. I’m saving $174 dollars a month in taxes, that’s over $2000 dollars a year going back into mine and my family’s pocket,” he says.


Cambers believes in returning education back to the community at the city level. “There is way too much federal government overreach in our public schools. This needs to end, the only way for this to happen is to abolish the department of education,” he says.

Police Presence 

Camber believes a larger police force is needed to keep communities safe. “Following the events of Ferguson, we have had a war on our law enforcement agencies. People walking straight up to cop cars, taking out their guns and pulling the trigger,” he says. “This solves nothing, but to create more violence and division in the country, and that’s the last thing we need right now.”


 Camber is in favor of building Trump’s border wall. “We need to take back our country from illegals. Not only for immigration purposes, but for National Security purposes as well,” he says. “ICE has to do their job in capturing these criminals and returning them to their own country. Illegal immigration is costing the taxpayers $135 billion dollars a year. Not sure about you, but I would rather pay $18 billion dollars for a wall then pay $135 billion a year on people that aren’t even citizens of this country.

“It is time to see a fresh face of young conservative leadership in this district,” he says.

Richonda Oaks

Richonda Oaks has no website and could not be reached.


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