In Missouri’s Republican State Auditor race, only one is a CPA. But does it matter?

Four highly qualified Republicans run for state auditor.

Republican State Auditor Race

There are four Republicans running for state auditor. The winner will take on Democrat auditor Nicole Galloway in November.

Kevin Roach (1)

Kevin M. Roach

Kevin Roach, from Ballwin, MO., is not a CPA, but rather develops computer software. He believes in more transparency at each level of the government by putting the information online, that the state should be conducting 100 audits a year, and that wasteful spending if a bigger problem than fraud.

David Wasinger (1).jpg

David Wasinger

St. Louis attorney David Wasinger likes to point out that he is the only candidate running for state auditor who has a CPA. The lawyer claims he filed suit in 2008 against Countrywide Home Loans, revealing the fraud among Wall Street Banks to taxpayers.

Paul_Curtman (1).jpg

Paul Curtman

Paul Curtman is a 37-year-old financial advisor from the St. Louis area, a former Marine and has been  a member of the Missouri House of Representatives for the 109th District since 2011. As Chairman of both the downsizing State Government and Government Efficiency Committees, Curtman believes has can find and eliminate wasteful spending in every area of government.

Saundra-McDowell (1)

Saundra McDowell

Saundra McDowell, a lawyer from Springfield, is a former assistant attorney general for the state, and currently serves as the Director of Enforcement for the Securities Division of the Secretary of State’s Office. She says she plans to prosecute fraud, stop waste, and show how much more can be accomplished “with every existing dollar “ if elected state auditor.

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