What’s new at Lutheran High School of Kansas City 2018-19

This year the Scholarly Knights are challenged to a higher level.

Lutheran High School
First day of school at Lutheran High School of Kansas City. Photo credit Lutheran High School. 

Lutheran High School of Kansas City  

Lutheran High School of Kansas City, 124th and Wornall, announces that Dan Bickel, science and computers, will become the new athletic director. Bickel is head track coach and will take over the duties from Lee Rudzinski , who will continue to coach girls volleyball and teach one class. Brittany Mikeska, art teacher, will assume the role of assistant principal.

A new group known as Scholarly Knights consists of National Honor Society students who want to challenge themselves with even higher standards than NHS requires. During their four years of high school they must earn 34 credits, accumulate 15 dual credit or AP credits, volunteer for 200 hours of community service, and be involved in a speaker series, three co-curricular campus activities and their church.

New interim courses will include accounting, art professions and early childhood teaching. Language groups will continue to tour Spain and Germany each June on a rotating basis.

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