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Kathy Foland’s social suppers are one of the many ways she shares the health benefits of seaweed.  


Kathy Foland
Kathy Foland calls herself the Midwest Mermaid Muse because her products contain seaweed, which has many health benefits. Here she has created a curry chicken salad with her seasoning which she sells at the Minor Park Farmer’s Market.

A Social Sunday Supper with The Mermaid

By Kathy Feist

About a dozen women sat around tables on a balcony overlooking the lush green fairway of the Blue HIlls Country Club golf course. They sipped on iced Blue Butterfly Sea tea or homemade Bloody Marys while catching some Vitamin D from the sun’s rays..

“No matter what you do, you should address your gut health first because if it’s not absorbing then what you’re eating is just a waste.”

Guests sit around tables on a balcony overlooking the lush green fairway of the Blue HIlls Country Club golf course.

The speaker was Kathy Foland, a health coach and also hostess of her social suppers, in this case a Sunday brunch. Foland uses the social suppers to address health benefits of an organic diet and, more particularly, one that incorporates her favorite product, seaweed..

She was followed by another health coach Wendy Voss who spoke on her weight loss product, Paulette Herrera who sold a probiotic skin care treatment, and finally Peter Stauffacher, who is in charge of the Organic Farmers Market at Minor Park.

Finally, Foland recounted how she had handed a basket of her homemade seaweed seasonings  to a chef at Cacao restaurant in Watts Mill Village. The result of what the chef had concocted was waiting downstairs.

Foland  prepares for the brunch in her commercial grade kitchen in the basement. 

There, lining the tables and kitchen countertops were pans, plates, and pots of food. Egg Strata, gluten-free Breakwiches, fruit salad with mint, a seawood noodle alfredo, and numerous dessert items were made by Foland and a few guests. Most of the dishes incorporated Foland’s seaweed seasonings, including the jicama tacos and a pudding made by Cacao.

The gift bag includes a dual approach culinary and cosmetic use of seaweed products from Foland. 

Foland calls herself the Midwest Mermaid Muse because of her belief in the health benefits of seaweed. As a former cosmetologist she recalled learning how to do permanents with vitamins and lethin, she says. Eight years ago, inspired by a trip to Belize, Foland began making skin care products with seaweed. Later she began incorporating it into her diet with a combination of seasonings. “Seaweed is a super food especially when it comes to gut health,” she emphasizes. She now sells her seawood as a seasoning for internal benefits and as an exfoliant for external benefits.

She began educates the public about healthy living with her social suppers and guest speakers. Those who attend pay $25 and receive a large buffet meal along with samples to take home.

Foland is also present at the Organic Farmers Market on Saturdays in Minor Park and occasionally at the Somerset Wine and Cider Bar in Martin City on Fridays. 

At the social suppers, Foland’s guests receive a hand massage with seaweed. 

Foland just recently had her organic skin care product accepted into Nailcessity Nail Salon at Watts Mill Village. The seaweed scrub is used as part of the Ultimate Beauty From Within package.

As a health coach, Foland counsels others on health and weight loss. Foland hopes to conduct cooking classes and keep pedaling her interest in health to restaurants and businesses.

Foland maintains a website at presentationskc.com where she posts any upcoming social suppers. The suppers are open to the public when offered.  



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