Ruskin Water Lines

By John Sharp

The Ruskin area will soon be getting 10,312 linear feet of new and larger water lines on seven streets due to an ordinance passed without dissent by the City Council on Thursday, October 18, authorizing a $1.9 million construction contract with Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors, Inc., for the work and maximum expenditures on the project of up to $2.1 million.

The work will include replacing pre-World War II break-prone and a small amount of six inch cast iron pipe with eight inch ductile iron pipe to increase capacity and improve both reliability and fire protection.

The new pipes will be installed on Oakland from 103rd Terr. to 105th St.; on 109th Terr., 111th Terr. and 112th Terr. from Ruskin Way to Sycamore Terr.; on Eastern from 11410 Eastern to 113th St.; on Oakland from 11418 Oakland to 114th St.; and on Palmer from 11430 Palmer to 114th St.

The Water Services Department will schedule a public meeting on the project before work starts.  A Department spokesman said he believes work should begin in January and be completed by early summer, depending on the weather.

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