FedEx and WalMart partnership makes shopping and shipping easy

The partnership makes gift sending convenient during the holidays.


FedEx has moved into the WalMart at 133rd & State Line Rd. Photo by Paul Edelman

FedEx and Walmart Partner in South KC Area

By Paul Edelman

South Kansas City Black Friday and Christmas shoppers have a new friend in one recently opened business.

A budding partnership between supermarket giant Walmart and FedEx has brought the international shipping company physically inside Walmart in over 500 national stores, and that is the case at South Kansas City’s local Walmart on 133rd St and State Line Rd.

Holiday shoppers looking to ship something across the city, country, or world may simply waltz a few paces from the cashiers and send it off. The manager of this new FedEx store, Naomi Flynn, spoke with the Martin City Telegraph. “The new relationship between Walmart and FedEx is good for customers,” she said. She added that FedEx is currently looking for additional employees as well as consumers to test the efficiency of the two corporate giants’ partnering.

“We’re not just about shipping, it’s also about printing, shredding, and more,” said Flynn. South KC shoppers buying an item for a loved one or friend this holiday season may take advantage of these services at the FedEx located inside WalMart.

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